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Today Limelight is 15 years’ old!

Time flies when you are having fun.

Those who know me personally will know I’m a person that rarely looks back. However, today Limelight, the company I founded from my kitchen table has been trading for 15 years! So, I have indulged in a little rare reflection and would like to share just 15 of the things I am proud of when it comes to Limelight.

Thank you to our staff, clients, journalists, partners, friends and families for all the support you have given us over the years.

Here goes….

1. Winning PR WEEK’s Young PR Professional of the year award for starting the company when I was just 23.

2. We have built a business to last in a business culture where exit is everything.

3. All our founding clients went on to sell their businesses for life-changing sums and credit Limelight with contributing to this.

4. Our clients become clients again and again, wherever they go. Relationships mean the world to us.

5. We created and designed the first ever B2B marketing conference and awards that ever existed.

6. We continue to attract highly talented and delightful people to our team of communications professionals.

7. We’ve genuinely taken the fluff out of PR with our commercially driven creativity.

8. We have proven that PR can generate sales leads, many times.

9. Our clients sense of ambition and their success, which we get to be part of. They all continually inspire us with their knowledge and innovation and we are proud to be a part of it. Without them, we are nothing.

10. Growing Business Magazine described Limelight in print as “a joy to work with”

11. We have built a successful Limelight in the Middle East as well as London, and were awarded best new PR agency in the region!

12. James Holmes started with Limelight as an account executive 12 years ago. Not only has he co-founded Limelight Middle East with me, but is also our Managing Director in London now. Proof that the sky is the limit.

13. We have always provided work experience and have a dedicated and paid intern programme to help young talent. I would never have started Limelight had I not had work experience at Porter Novelli when I was just 16.

14. We are now building the John Lewis of the PR world. After three years’ service employees become equity partners at Limelight and get a real say in what we do and how we do it, as well as dividends of course.

15. Even after 15 year’s we are always doing something new. Change is constant and it makes us thrive, we’re always coming up with new skills and ideas to help our clients.

Watch out for my next piece on 15 things you might not know about Limelight 

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