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Is there a good way to deliver bad news?

This week saw the start of serious cuts from the UK government and this country is not alone in choosing to act now in order to start cutting deficits, with many other European and global governments planning similar schemes. Likewise the rest of the news carries the heavy weight of shaky markets, conflicts and uncertain…

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The power of the iPhone

If you thought the hype surrounding the iPhone was starting to settle, you’d be wrong. Like a laptop in your hand, there is something for everyone, with everything you need in one place. Since its first release in July 2007 the Apple iPhone has been a hot commodity. Now, less than three years since its…

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The Limelight ‘Crazy Bear’ Day

Friday was my first Limelight day, and what a day! Our venue was the Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield, a fabulous boutique hotel just outside of London. On arrival we were ushered to the Hunting Lodge where we were to spend the day, watched intently by a number of interesting moose heads. Susanna kicked off proceedings…

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Limelight’s great escape

That wonderful time is upon us… No, I don’t mean summer.  And I don’t mean the new liberal conservative love-in. It’s the annual Limelight away day!  Cue gasps of delight and joy. Well, maybe not, but safe to say it is one day in our calendar which we all look forward to with great anticipation….

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Spoilt for Choice

I popped into Tesco yesterday to get the basics. I ended up spending 30 minutes deciding which type of bread to pick up after being completely overwhelmed with the options available; thick or thin? Brown or white? Cheapest or freshest?? We live in an era of plenty. Starbucks, for example, says it offers 87,000 different…