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The 2012 Budget – As Revealed In Leaks

Since early last week rumours have been circulating about what to expect from tomorrows budget. Luckily there have been a number of outlets who have predicted what to expect (or perhaps been given an insider’s leak) giving us a pretty good picture of what to expect from the budget. MPs, civil servant and special advisors usually keep…

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Who needs a Dragon when you’ve got Crowdcube?

Ever dreamt of being a Dragon on Dragons’ Den or investing in a business idea? Well now anyone can. Every day thousands of people around the world are investing in a range of different products, campaigns, causes and ideas through crowdsourced funding websites. Many of these ‘crowdfunding’ sites, such as Kickstarter and Crowdfunder, focus on…

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Kony leads the social media revolution

On Tuesday afternoon a 29-minute long video was uploaded to YouTube.  Fast forward three days and it has amassed 46 million views and been tweeted by Twitter heavyweights including Stephen Fry and Kim Kardashian. Pretty impressive for a video that doesn’t feature a cat playing peek-a-boo, a skateboarding dog or a child biting its sibling’s finger….