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Bags of Creativity

This month, we helped launch the new identity of “employee services” provider Personal Group to the HR and recruitment press. With over 30 years’ experience Personal Group helps a wide range of organisations improve the lives of its employees through the provision and management of personalised benefits including retail discounts, phone allowances and health insurance….

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Limelight appointed by leading employee services provider, Personal Group

Personal Group, the leading employee services and benefits provider, has appointed Limelight, the independent B2B PR and communications specialist, to manage its ongoing media profile. Limelight has worked closely with Personal Group over the last two months to strategically plan the launch of its new identity, centred around a ‘work happy’ theme. The concept stems…

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The rise of artificial intelligence?

 A big thank you to We Are Social for hosting the ‘Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing’ event on Wednesday which got us thinking about the so-called ‘rise of artificial intelligence’ and what its implications might be. Think about the last time you used Siri. Did she help you find that song you had stuck in…