What We Do

We are a B2B PR and communications agency that delivers targeted recognition for our clients through PR, content marketing and communications across all channels.

About you & your business
If you or your business want to grow, build credibility, influence sales and be seen as a market leader then we can make this happen for you – In the media, online and in person.

Our Purpose
To give talented and ambitious people and businesses the recognition they deserve.

Why our purpose matters
We believe we live in a world where too many of the wrong people are famous. We make the right people famous in order to make the world better.

If you are talented, ambitious, leading an organisation or starting one, generating valuable ideas and services, creating jobs and wealth then we think you should have the recognition you deserve. Not to make you feel good (although it will) but to help you do even better.

We passionately believe that more credit should be given to the organisations and people like you that really make a difference to the world.
Most importantly your efforts add to the economy, improve peoples lives and create jobs which makes the countries you operate in more successful and therefore the world a better place.

Sadly the stories published around these ‘world improvers’ get only 10% of the media space, coming a humiliating second at best to a newspaper front page that features what the prime minister is wearing on holiday or who won the latest reality TV show.

We help businesses and people raise their awareness, become thought leaders, build business credibility and influence sales.

Since 2002, we have led the effort to make the right people in the world famous!

In a world where the media dedicates more air time and media space to reality TV stars and celebrities personal lives, we are on a permanent and lifelong mission to make the right people famous.

Our Mission
Given our view of the worlds media consumption above we exist to give talented and ambitious organisations and people the recognition they deserve. Please note the talented and ambitious part, it is important. We work tirelessly to make the right people and organisations famous and for the right reasons.

We do this through:
1. On-going media relations work that extolls the genuinely valuable virtues of our clients to real and credible journalists;
2. Creating and delivering multi-channel content driven thought leadership strategies for companies and associations.
3. Personal branding and profiling for top executives and leaders via our personal branding programme called The Brand You.

If you’re looking for a PR agency packed with ideas, energy and the commercial creativity to help you grow your business, contact us now.