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This month Limelight is 15 years old.  I indulged in some brief reflection in my last piece about 15 things I was proud of during this time.  The team and I have been overwhelmed and deeply touched by the response and reaction from likes and shares, to personal emails of congratulations.  Thank you to all of you for your continued support of all we do at Limelight.

I also promised to share 15 things that you might not know about Limelight in the spirit of keeping our birthday theme going during this significant year.

Firstly, some important context; different people define PR in different ways.  To some it’s simply generating press coverage (still a major element of what we deliver) and to others, it can mean anything from social media strategy and thought leadership to event management and advising on brand and reputation for leaders and their businesses.

Our purpose at Limelight is to give talented and ambitious businesses and people the recognition they deserve.  To achieve this, we must do more than send out some press releases.  We constantly deliver valuable guidance to CEO’s and marketing directors on how to approach the achievement of their business plans from a communications perspective.

Here’s a snapshot of some of things clients have paid us to do in the past 15 months that may surprise you:

  1. Auditing: Completed a media audit to aide board level decision making for a major insurance company on its future marketing strategy.
  2. Visual Communication: Distilled a 33 slide PowerPoint sales presentation into a beautiful singular picture to help a client stand out from the crowd, and reduce the time of their credentials meetings by 50%.
  3. Crisis management: Handled the crisis management for several issues including data breaches, new legislation, redundancy rounds and board level departures.
  4. Travel PR: We own a specialist travel PR agency that handles media relations for travel and tourism brands including Bourne Leisure, Atlantis Paradise Island, Homes in Italy, Rock Insurance and UNICO 20˚87˚
  5. Trade Association expertise: We have experience delivering communications advice with many member based associations and businesses including the IPM , MAA, DMA, TIPTO, The Supper Club, MEBAA, MEFMA.
  6. Personal Branding: We have a programme called The Brand You that provides consultancy on defining the personal brand and delivering strategic profiling for Chief Executives, entrepreneurs, non-executive directors and investors. We can even help you write a book!
  7. Partnerships: We have generated partnerships for clients with educational institutions to aid recruitment, and tech providers to grow their businesses
  8. Analyst Relations: We facilitated the personal introduction of the three most influential analysts in the utility sector to a client.
  9. Branding: We have designed new logos and corporate identities for clients.
  10. Interior Design: We have completely redesigned the office of a financial services business to match their new identity and better reflect the image of their business.
  11. Insight & Research – In the last year alone we have carried out research campaigns that delivered media coverage generating in total over 500 sales leads.
  12. Inbound Marketing and content marketing: We have invested in marketing automation software HubSpot and plan to become a partner in 6 months’ time to deliver our expertise in this area for the benefit of clients.
  13. Marketing support: We’ve provided marketing services to clients, either supporting and/or delivering everything from newsletters to events.
  14. Enhancing Sales: We have a great product called The VIP List™ which tracks your top 20 most important prospects; always flagging to you what the media is saying about them, as well as delivering rapid insight on key people and tailoring our PR efforts to enhance your conversations with them.
  15. All shapes and sizes: From startup to corporate. In late 2016 we restructured the business financially enabling us to stop turning down work from smaller clients.   We now have a model with totally transparent pricing enabling us to work with clients that have £1,000 or £100, 000+ to invest.

For further information on any of these services please get in touch or 020 79278100

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