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As many of you will be aware, Limelight’s traditional Summer Party reached new heights this year as we took a new format and collaborated with American research company, Gallup at their offices in The Shard with a focus on B2B Customer Centricity.

The event was designed to take the focus slightly off canapes and drinks (although not too much, of course) and give the audience an insight into Gallup’s recently released ‘Guide to Customer Centricity’ report that provides analytics and advice for B2B leaders looking to achieve higher sales and better customer relationships by ensuring their customers are at the heart of the service provided.

The evening was introduced by our own Managing Director, James Holmes, and then saw presentations from Chloe Strauss, Managing Consultant at Gallup and Jane Williams of Arqiva to show leaders how to focus on their customer relationships to create sustainable business growth.

In essence, the report highlights that B2B companies are ignoring investment into their customer relationships, instead choosing to keep costs down through Lean Six Sigma and other such methodologies. It forces them to be defensive when problems arise, especially when they need to deviate away from their traditional playbook in order to maintain a positive partnership.

Realising the impact a customer centric strategy has on their business performance is crucial to creating authentic growth, and companies that develop an extensive knowledge of their customer’s business and proactively introducing ideas that enhance the bottom line are the strongest levers to help generate customer engagement that stands the test of time.

Once attendees were filled with knowledge to take back to their customer teams, we ended the evening with some drinks and beautiful canapes from Chilli Bees.

Thanks to all who came along – see if you can spot yourself in the pictures below or in the animoto that we’ve created. See you all in January for our Retox party!

Gallup’s research surveyed 108,989 respondents from 19,093 business units, and analysed the relationship between customer engagement and business performance. You can access the full report here.  


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