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As we celebrate Twitter’s 10th birthday, here are our top five apps that we think will change the social media landscape in the coming year, just like Twitter did.

It is officially ten years since 29 year-old, Jack Dorsey, typed the words ‘just setting up my twttr’ into the social media site that now plays a major part in millions of people’s daily lives.

But the last twelve months have been somewhat different for Twitter. Its own hashtag ‘#lovetwitter’, is currently only trending at number three, on its own birthday no less! Does this spell the beginning of the end for this social media site? Is it poised to disappear into the abyss that has swallowed the likes of MySpace, Nokiad and Bebo in recent years? I don’t think so – but for companies and individuals who rely on the channel – change is a foot, and it might be worth exploring other game-changing apps that are coming out of the woodwork and are set to leave their mark by making everyone’s lives easier – including themselves, clients and employees.

Below are our top five:

  1.  Slack – a great way to share news and company updates without clogging up peoples inboxes. An instant messenger app for desktop and phone, you can share links to interesting news, company coverage and have conversations with selected team members without the fear of getting lost in the email inbox.
  2. – the new way to track news and media updates that are relevant to you and your core sectors. It allows you to ‘scoop’ content and share it on a feed that can be accessed by whoever is appropriate, will collate news from around the internet that is relevant and also allows you to schedule social media posts.
  3.   Toggl – forget the dreaded timesheet that you only remember to do on a Friday afternoon, Toggl allows you to track what you’re doing in real-time to allow for much more accurate, and reportable data which can be used when reporting back to clients or when looking at employee productivity – a must have, especially for agencies.
  4.   Trello – as an agency we used to rely heavily on the weekly update email or reporting documents, but we are now obsessed with this online dashboard which was invented by the same guys as Toggl. We now create boards for each of our clients to monitor current activity and projects and can invite the whole team, including the client, to view and update them. This means everything is always in real time, so if anyone wants to know the status of a project, they receive live updates, whenever they need to. This takes the reliance off a weekly summary email or paper document and ensures everyone is up to date, all the time.
  5.   Yubl – Yubl, which was created by Johnathan Ellis who also developed the first PlayStation, is already used by several multinational brands as another string to their marketing bow. It is an image based app, so is easily digestible much like Instagram, but allows you to share interesting content like you would do on Facebook, with the perks of a messenger tab like What’s App, while highlighting news of interest just like Twitter! Its picture-voting system is also useful for brands to gauge opinions and trends quickly with a wide audience.

Do you use any of the apps in your business already? Or do you have recommendations of any others we should try? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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