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Focus and commercial creativity is what really matters when it comes to creating and delivering great insight and thought-leadership that truly engages senior decision-makers.

At Limelight we’ve developed the 4C’s of insight – Content, Connection, Credibility and Coverage – we consider these to be vital elements when it comes to creating and delivering insight led communication strategies. If you have these in place, then you are most certainly on the right path.

  • Content: How insightful and valuable is the content we produce?
  • Connections: How well does the insight released connect your business with with its key prospects?
  • Coverage: Are we using the insight to generate the right volume and type of media coverage in the right places?
  • Credibility: Is the insight driven content delivering valuable third party endorsement in line with your desired business reputation?

Insight is there to provoke a conversation. Its role is not always to train or educate a prospect but to initiate key ideas and smart questions in a credible way that leads a prospect to reconsider how they think about their business. Seth Godin says; “Content marketing is all the marketing that’s left, because A – it’s trackable and B – it’s really publishing the stuff our audience is looking for.” In our view, it should be an engaging and intelligent viewpoint or thought piece which can help to solve a particular issue for your prospect.

This is not just a regurgitation of trends and statistics, but more likely to be combined with key aspects of your businesses knowledge and expertise in the market. Clients in the business services industry are looking to buy leadership, a relationship and creativity; in other words expertise and confidence in areas they may not have. PR and media both have a key part to play when it comes to approaching senior decision-makers with a legitimate reason to talk further.

For example, we work with a company called who, in conjunction with Limelight, recently undertook a study that looked into the levels of loyalty to brands on the high street. This research provided insight for the retail industry overall, as well as the specific brands that we named in the Customer Loyalty Index, provoking conversations with some of’s top prospects.

We increasingly find that a combination of media and working with new business experts like Rainmaker is the most effective way to use the media to actually generate conversations, leads and even meetings?’ If you are really smart about how you use it, then PR can most certainly drive sales and generate meetings.

So it’s all about thinking commercially and using your content and research findings to be more relevant to your client’s challenges, and always ensuring that what you release hits the criteria of the 4Cs to maximise real results.

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