The Activate Solutions Group

Client Overview

The Activate Solutions Group was launched in September 2013, bringing together six marketing and sales companies, all operating in the retail and FMCG sectors. The group specialises in offering complete brand solutions, from sales, to distribution, through to advertising.

Project Details

The Activate Solutions Group brand was new and therefore unknown. A lack of awareness needed to be overcome as quickly as possible, and a reputation established quickly in a highly competitive marketplace Each company in the group is different, and there were a number of new products and services to promote. Success depended on building a cohesive reputation for the group as a whole, via a PR campaign that could effectively reach all of its target audiences within a relatively short timeframe. The campaign outputs also had to give the group credibility, demonstrating retail expertise through media coverage that would interest new business prospects, and bring in real sales leads for the group.

The campaign initially focused on launching the group, ensuring that the marketing, retail & FMCG sectors were aware of its formation and understood the services on offer.

The High Street Happiness Survey was then built to position the group as a leading expert in high-street retail and executed in a way that generated coverage across a variety of sector-specific trade media.

The research was conducted using an in-house product that captures customer experience data, saving budget, and showcasing the product to the group’s key prospects.

The results were analysed to identify trends and establish the top brands in each sector. Limelight crafted tailored press releases for each sector.

The strategy was to approach one sector at a time, incorporating a direct brand engagement element. In this way press coverage was generated that gave the group credibility, put them directly in front of key audiences, and raised awareness across multiple sectors.

Using the media coverage to build one-to-one conversations with CEOs of their key prospects, Limelight invited brands to meet Activate to learn more about the research itself and the services the group and its various companies are able to offer, sourcing warm leads and passing them on to the Activate sales team to follow up.

  • The group launch news and management team profiling generated marketing and business press coverage, while product launches resulted in coverage in marketing, technology and specialist press and thought leadership pieces in key titles.
  • The survey provided Activate’s sales team with opportunities to engage with every brand on their prospect list. Limelight generated over 20 warm sales leads for the group, resulting in meetings with major high street brands.
  • Individuals from major brand names actively engaged. Five quotes from senior brand spokespeople endorsing the research were secured.
  • Many brands added the relevant Activate press release or survey results to their own website news sections or Wikipedia pages.
  • Major brands actively engaged with Activate via Twitter, and a specific brand was created for ‘High Street Happiness’ which now has its own Twitter handle, created and managed by Limelight.
  • Activate has transformed its internal sales process to work in tandem with the PR campaign.

Our idea has now created a new revenue stream for Activate as it secures sponsorship fees from brands seeking to ask specific questions in the survey