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This week I read a brilliant blog post by Sasha Ditcher reminding us that we need to invest in the relationships that matter to us (in both out business and personal lives). Plenty has been written about how the rise in communication technology has made us worse at communicating. You might even make the link with the recent figures showing the number of people disconnecting from Facebook as reflecting this.

But once it’s been opened you can’t close Pandora’s Box; like it or not mobile phones, email and social media in one form or another are here to stay. So if this stuff is bad for the relationships we value how do we find a balance between using them and increasing the amount of personal interaction through chats on the phone and seeing someone in person? Keith Ferrazzisuggests identifying the most important relationships you need to invest in and concentrating on these.

Perhaps it’s a judgement every time you have something important to say when you are reaching for that old familiar email maybe you need to stop and mentally double check. Would it make a difference if I call them on this occasion? Would they appreciate discussing this face to face? Will personal interaction be better than an email this time?

Investing in relationships that matter is not about abandoning technology (completely impractical), working longer hours (you can always change priorities to find time for things that are important) or attempting to call everyone about everything (likely to become extremely annoying). Rather it’s a case of rethinking our habits, clever prioritizing and giving that little bit extra to the relationships that matter.

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