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There’s no doubt about it; the way we consume media on a daily basis is changing dramatically. From smartphones to tablets, consumers now demand television at the click of their fingers, no matter where they are. No longer is it a case of searching the TV listings and making sure your Saturday night is free for the X Factor, now we can view it online, on the move, or record it and catch up later.

Traditional TV is certainly facing stiff competition from its cousin online, and not just from viewers in search of ‘on-demand’ services. With online access to the latest news and headlines via smartphone apps (such as the BBC’s news app), viewers no longer have to wait for the six or ten o’clock bulletin, but can rather get it as soon as it breaks.

But what does the rise in digital TV mean for ad breaks? I certainly can’t recall a time I haven’t just fast forwarded through them in a recorded programme.

The internet offers diverse and unique ways for advertisers to reach their audience, and with more people moving online it’s no surprise that advertisers are increasing investment in it. ITV’s new ad format for its video-on-demand (VOD) service ITV Player is a perfect example. Allowing users to skip adverts if they correctly answer questions based on the advertised brand or product.

ITV’s managing director of commercial and online, Fru Hazlitt, explained “VOD advertising opens up massive commercial opportunities for broadcasters and advertisers….This shift (from TV to VOD and other online formats) is not about the car replacing the horse; it’s about complementary stuff.”

So can the two platforms go hand in hand? We certainly saw a good example of a successful campaign with Yeo Valley’s farmer rap last winter. The campaign paired an offline TV ad campaign with a Youtube Channel. However, a similar campaign this year featuring the farmer boy band The Churned and a karaoke Facebook page could not replicate that success.

It seems the jury is still out on this one.

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