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Limelight PR has a new home in London. From our previous office in Belgravia we have relocated to a Crown Property on Lower Regent Street. Whomever said change is good, never moved offices. They clearly weren’t responsible for packing up an entire office, its inhabitants and moving heaven and earth across town.

It was quite the exercise in military-like planning and coordination! How else do the domino-like logistics required get ticked off to ensure that the first location shuts down and the new fires up with seamless integration. Throw in a broken down lift and you can imagine fun that was had.

In the end, even the all-important desk location real estate land grab went off without a hitch and we are now settled into a fantastic new space just off Piccadilly Circus. We’re not one to brag but….

Our swanky new reception

The new slick kitchen and chill out room

Our new super central view of Piccadilly Circus, London


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