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Friday was my first Limelight day, and what a day!

Our venue was the Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield, a fabulous boutique hotel just outside of London. On arrival we were ushered to the Hunting Lodge where we were to spend the day, watched intently by a number of interesting moose heads.

Susanna kicked off proceedings with a review of the year just gone as well as ambitions for the year ahead. It was so encouraging to see how we’d performed last year given the economy was pretty much in melt down, and although no-one is out of the woods just yet, the year ahead looks really positive with exciting opportunities ahead.

We then enjoyed a great talk by our non executive director, Roger Jennings, which I think inspired all of us and gave us the confidence to tackle new and challenging situations.

The afternoon was interspersed by Susanna talking to us about Limelight’s offering and some key ideas about how we take the business forward, along with a guest appearance from David Batchelor from Strategic Coach.  It was really refreshing to hear his perspective on PR and our business, which in turn lent itself to a group task of pitching our PR approach to a “potential client” aka, Limelight. Presenting in front of your peers is always more daunting than to clients, but I’m proud to say that everyone did a great job with Drew Field stealing the show with his flair and exuberance!


The evening fun kicked off with the annual Limelight Awards – from the Prince Phillip Awards for worst public gaff, to the Wowza awards for the person amongst us who always personifies ‘ideas and energy’ in their business approach. By my calculations everybody won an award, which is pretty fantastic given that it was decided via a democratic vote!

The rest of the night is perhaps not the best content for blog, unless of course you’d like to hear about Manty’s amazing accent impressions, or Julia’s table dancing antics…  We were all pretty excited when we woke up though, it’s not every day you wake up with a mirror on the ceiling and a copper bath at the end of your bed…!